Industrial Projects

–MyCarTM 2kW, 3kW, 6kW

  • Battery management and Battery charger
  • Electrical system design
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Motor design
  • Motor drive
  • System control
  • Vehicle safety
  • Type approved


–Solar Powered Air Conditioning System for Vehicles

  • Vehicle air-conditioning performance the same as conventional counterpart
  • Air-conditioning time when engine stops
  • Easy to install
  • Battery over and under charge
  • Solar panel reverse power
  • Battery leakage
  • Over temperature

–EV Charging Station

  • Octopus or electronic payment system
  • Adapt to a number of charging scenario requirement
  • Use Program Logic Controller for electronic control
  • Safety –overall current, RCD, temperature protection, thermal control, damage
  • Extendable to large number of parking lots
  • Higher network security
  • Meet IEC61851 standards

–In-wheel Motor

  • Fault tolerance
  • Low cost
  • Low weight
  • Direct drive
  • High power regenerative braking
  • Extend to Anti-lock Braking System
  • Extend to Skid steering (EST)

–LED and HID Development for Vehicles

  • Switched mode control of ballast
  • High power
  • Good thermal control
  • High voltage warm–excitation to HID lamps
  • Applicable to commercial vehicle
  • LED designed for front, rear & signal lights

–Integrated Charger

  • Save components
  • Soft-switching
  • High frequency magnetics
  • 3 -stages charging
  • High efficiency
  • On-board charger
  • High power factor

–Polymer Bonded Magnetics

  • To develop new generation Polymer-bonded magnetic devices
  • Four companies support
  • Project $4 million
  • Duration 2 years
  • Funding source: HK Government and industry


–SRG for Wind Power Generation

  • Design and Fabrication of C-core Switched Reluctance Generator
  • Design and fabrication of C-SRG Controller
  • Characterization of C-core Switched Reluctance Generator
  • Control of C-core Switched Reluctance Generator
  • Integration and Test of C-core SRG System


–Active Suspension

  • Based on linear switched-reluctance drive
  • Inherit fault-tolerance
  • Large force
  • High dynamic response, >10 times
  • Fail-safe solution
  • Improved dynamic behavior
  • Accurate force control
  • Power recovery


–Wireless Charger

  • Leakage field minimization
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Resonance power conversion
  • High frequency magnetic design
  • Modular design


–High Frequency AC Distribution

  • Cost reduction of power circuit
  • Loss reduction in power conversion
  • Loss reduction in power delivery
  • Ease of galvanic isolation
  • Improved dynamic response
  • High power density
  • Improved reliability
  • More safety


–LED Street Lamp Development

  • Electronic ballast for LED
  • Packaging design for solar LED lamp
  • Solar charger
  • High power LED design
  • Energy saving and time scheduling for lamp design
  • LED designed for front, rear & signal lights

–Resonant Switched-Capacitor Cell balancer for Battery Strings

  • Active cell balancing
  • Zero-current switching
  • No complex sensing and control system
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Low switching noise

–Energy Storage Management System

  • Combination of battery and capacitor systems
  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy balancing method
  • Power electronics techniques for battery and supercapacitor

–Linear Refrigeration Compressors for Refrigerators and Air-Conditioners

  • Design of linear reciprocating switched reluctance actuators
  • Design of controllers for linear reciprocating switched reluctance actuators
  • Control technique of linear compressors
  • High efficiency
  • Applicable to refrigerators and air-conditioners

–DC Distribution

  • Use power electronics techniques to enhance for DC-DC power conversion
  • Standard for all switch gears
  • Standard for retrofitting
  • Interfacing method with renewable energy sources
  • Interfacing method with energy storage system
  • Development of DC devices for all appliances

-Adaptive Frontlight System

  • Design of linear actuators
  • Design of controllers for linear stepper actuators
  • Advanced control technique of linear compressors
  • High efficiency
  • High accuracy

-Battery Management Control Strategy

  • Conditional monitoring batteries
  • Balancing of battery
  • State of charge SoC
  • State of health SoH

-Bio-Mechatronic Robotic System

  • SEMG signal
  • DSP control
  • Calibration
  • Power electronics for motor drive

-Auto Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking System

  • The system is without light sensors, so the reliability is increased.
  • Only one motor is used and the power consumption is decreased half compared with two-motor tracking system.
  • Movable platform is designed to facilitate the system test.


-Auto Tracking System for Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV)

  • High-precision multi-dimensional auto solar tracking control system
  • High-precision Auto Tracking Control Method

-High Frequency AC Distribution for Vehicles

  • Structure of high frequency AC distribution for vehicles
  • High frequency AC transformer
  • DC-AC high frequency inverter
  • Residual current device for high frequency AC
  • Over-current protection for high frequency AC
  • High frequency AC breaker


-Body Integrated Super-capacitor for Next Generation of Electric Vehicles

  • Super-capacitor management system (SCMS)
  • Monitor, manage, and maintain BISC operation, provide the warning indications to any faults, and protect safe operation of BISC
  • Equalizing circuit of super-capacitor cells connected in series
  • Active balancing, simple circuit topology, low cost, fast dynamic response and high efficiency
  • BISC package to match vehicular body
  • Simulation and performance prediction of BISC modules and motor drive systems


-Body-Integrated Super-capacitor for Electric Vehicles

  • Body-integrated and reduce the packaging size
  • Represent new generation electric vehicle
  • Provide rapid charging
  • Increase internal room


-High Capacity Supercapacitor with Ultra-Low Resistance and Distributed Generation Power Balancing System

  • High power super-capacitor energy storage
  • Smart grid power connection
  • Power Balancing
  • Grid tied inverter


–Further development