Research Projects

–Induction Heating

  • Magnetic design
  • Coil design
  • Thermal design
  • Product design
  • RGC and industrial funded

–DC Energy Factor

  • Development of the concept of DC energy factor
  • Formulated the maximum energy storage factor
  • Successfully applied to all classical SMPS and isolated power converters
  • Examined the boundary condition
  • Simple and robust configuration for harsh environment
  • Applicable to automotive active suspension systems

–Dual-Phase-Combined Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters

  • Zero-current switching
  • Higher power density
  • Higher power conversion efficiency
  • Lower output voltage ripple

–Zero-Current Switching Switched-Capacitor Converters

  • Zero-current switching
  • Absence of bulky magnetic devices
  • Resonance power conversion
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Low switching noise and EMI

–Single-Stage Switched-Capacitor-Inductor PWM Converters

  • Higher power density
  • Higher power conversion efficiency
  • Higher power conversion ratio
  • Limited switching current pike

–Arcing and High Frequency Conductor Issues for HSR Traction System and its Associated EMI Implication

  • Examination of the arcing characteristics of railway system and its EMI implication
  • Study the Arcing compensation using a power electronics techniques to reduce the effect of the arcing
  • Examination of the electromagnetic induction of conductors due to high frequency and high speed for railway system

Ocean Wave Power Generation Research Study

  • Examination of the high gear ratio design for wave power
  • Develop the generator for wave power
  • Develop a low wave speed to high electric frequency generator
  • Examine the single arm, three-arm and 4-arm generator structure

Magnetic Power Smart Power Distribution for Future Internet

  • Examination of high efficiency magnetic power transfer
  • Study the high power magnetic tapping
  • Study the magnetic power platform
  • Examine the linear power inductive tapping
  • Magnetic everywhere research and design concept

–Further development