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About Us

Eric Ka-wai CHENG, Ph.D.

Power electronics, electromagnetics, motor drives, EMI and energy saving.

Edward Wai-chau LO, Ph.D.

Renewable energy, electrical services of buildings, building automation systems, power quality, and power electronics, drives & traction.

Norbert Chow CHEUNG, Ph.D.

Electric transportation, motion control system, green technology, industrial automation.


Kevin Ka-wing CHAN, Ph.D.

Power system monitoring and control, electric vehicle.

Kwok-ho LAM, Ph.D.

Multifunctional smart materials, smart sensor, actuator technolog, and biomedical applications of ultrasonic transducers.

Wei-nong FU, Ph.D.

Computational electromagnetics, optimal design of electric devices, applied electromagnetics, and novel electric machines.

Weihua GU, Ph.D.

Railway systems, multimodal urban transportation systems, freeway traffic operations, queueing models, and infrastructure management.

Zhao XU, Ph.D.

Solar/wind/battery storage system, electronic converter design, Microgrid control and optimization, Cyber-physical power system modeling.

Shuang-xia NIU, Ph.D.

Design and control of novel electrical machines and drives, renewable energy conversion system and applied electromagnetics.

Steven T. BOLES, Ph.D.

Advanced electronic materials, electrochemical energy storage systems.

Jerry HU, Ph.D.

Advanced control of power converters, smart microgrids, electric drives, and energy management system (EMS) in electric vehicles.