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APEJ Journal Volume 15, No.3


Design and evaluation of a phase-shift full-bridgeconverter for electrical vehicle
Shisong Wang, Yuanxiong Duan, Jinhao Ruan, Zhanghai Shi


Energy Storage, Fuel Cell and Electric VehicleTechnology
Cheng K.W.E


Study and Development of Mixed Repurposing EVBattery System for Stationary Energy StorageApplications
Y.C. Fong, D.H. Wang, J. Mei, S.Raghu Raman, K.W.E. Cheng

APEJ Journal Volume 15, No.2


A Study of LLC Converter with Buck Converter for CC-CV Charging
H.K.T. Tsang, Y.C. Fong, Kin Lung Jerry KAN, S. Raghu Raman, K.W.E Cheng


ElectricWaterjetThrusterVesselDevelopment–Concept, Charger,and Battery Monitoring
Kin Lung Jerry Kan, Y.C. FONG,IP Shu Chuen, H.K.T. Tsang, H.F. Ho, X.D. Xue, Y.L.Fan, Cheng K.W.E


Key Technologiesand New DevelopmentsofStationary/Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
YongLi, Xiao Zhu, MinZhang

APEJ Journal Volume 15, No.1


Four-wheel Anti-lock Braking System with RoadConditionDetectionModule
Jinhong Sun, Ka Wai Eric Cheng


An Investigation of Compensation Networks for Three-coilWirelessPower Transfer


WANGH.S, Cheng K. W. E, HUJ.F


Development of Front-End Monitoring of Mutual Couplingand LoadConditionsinWireless Power Transfer Systems
Yun Yang

APEJ Journal Volume 14, No.3


A New 7-Level Inverter for Active and Reactive PowerCompensation Using PEV in Grid-ConnectedApplications
Teke Hua, Yuanmao Ye, Xiaolin Wang


A Cascaded Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter withDouble-BoostVoltage Gain and reduced capacitor countfor solar PV systems
Manxin Chen, Yat-Chi Fong, Poh Chiang Loh


Chen Kaiwen, Luo Junyuan, Ouyang Yuzhao, Jia Yipeng, J.F.Pan, EricKa-WaiCheng


Shikai CHEN, Yuanmao YE, Xiaolin WANG

APEJ Journal Volume 14, No.2


Adaptive Control of Quadrotor UAV Based on Arduino


Topology and Analysisof An Electromechanical Brakefor Electric Vehicles
Xiangdang XUE, Ka Wai Eric CHENG, Yulong FAN


Research on Symmetry Half-Bridge SwitchedCapacitor Active Equalization Circuit of VehiclePower Lead-Acid Battery
Mingyu Gao, Jifeng Qu, Junfan Wang, Huipin Lin, Minghao Wang

APEJ Journal Volume 14, No.1


Comparative Studieson thePrimary-SideFrequency and Phase ShiftControlforSeries-Series Compensated Inductive Power Transfer
Lit Hong Chan, Yun Yang, Ka-wai Eric Cheng


Front-End Voltage Regulations of Inductive Power Transfer Systemswith Switched LCL Compensators
Kwing Hei Lo, YunYang, Ka-wai Eric Cheng


Planar Printed-Circuit-Board (PCB) Transformers with Active Clamp Flyback Converter forLow Power AC-DC Adapter Application
Y.L. Ho, K.W.E.Cheng, Kin Lung Jerry Kan, H.S.Chung, Wan Yee Lam


100kWElectric Bus Wireless Charging System withCalculating Method for Hybrid Energy Storage Capacity
Wenzhou Lu, JianZhao, Yifan Dong,Bo Wang,Jinfei Shen

APEJ Journal Volume 13, No.2


A Simple and Useful Three-Port Converter for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources in Stand-Alone Systems
Chen M.X Ho F.H Cheng K.W.E


Experimental Study on the Electrical Characteristic of a GaN Hybrid Drain-embedded Gate Injection Transistor (HD-GIT)
Fong Y.C Cheng K.W.E


Human Impedance Characteristic Investigation by Low Voltage Square Wave Excitation
Xu C.D Cheng K.W.E Wang D.H

APEJ Journal Volume 13, No.1


A Switched-capacitor Step-up Inverter for Bidirectional Wireless Charging Applications in Electric Microcar
Fong Y. C Cheng K. W. E


A Novel Hybrid Excited Flux Modulated Memory Machine for Electrical Continuously Variable Transmission System
Mao Y Niu S. X


Conceptual Design and Simulation for A Double-Rotor Switched Reluctance Motor Using Parallel Series Windings
Li S. Y, Cheng K. W. E, Zou Y


Investigation on Advanced Control of A Linear Switched Reluctance Motor
Zou Y Cheng K. W. E Cheung N. C

APEJ Journal Volume 12, No.2


Theoretical Analysis of Isolated Bidirectional Dual Full Bridge ZVS DC-DC Converter with Novel Triple Phase-shift Control
Kuiyuan Wu William G.Dunford Clarence W.de Silva


Performance Comparison of Asymmetric Carrier Random and Dual Random PWM Algorithms for Variable Speed Drives
P. Sadanandam P. Poonam Upadhyay A. Jayalaxmi


Performance of Modular PFC Boost Converter using Average Current Control Technique for improving EMI
Syed Mujtaba Mahdi Mudassir Gulam Amer Shaik Mohammed Mukassir


Investigation of Modulation Strategy for Cascaded H-bridge Multi level inverter fed Induction Motor Drive
Ravi kumar Bhukya P. Satish kumar


Comparison of Aircraft System Using Fuzzy Logic Control and Traditional Control Scheme
Saifullah Khalid


Performance of PV System for Maximum Power Point Tracking
Bipin Singh Arunima Verma V. K. Giri

APEJ Journal Volume 12, No.1


An Investigation of Coils Used in Dynamic Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles
Chen K.W.K Cheng K.W.E


New Magnetic Composite Based on Ni-Zn for Magnetic Screenings and Power Conversion with Its Recyclable and Formulable Features
Qi W.B Cheng K.W.E


Comparison Study of Rare-earth-free Motors with Permanent Magnet Motors in EV Applications
Zhu J.W Cheng K.W.E Xue X.D


Loss Analysis of Hybrid Battery-Supercapacitor Energy Storage System in EVs
Xue X.D Raghu Raman S Fong Y.C Cheng K.W.E

APEJ Journal Volume 11, No.1


Phase Disposition PWM Technique for Eleven Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Carriers
G. Sridhar , P. Satish Kumar and M. Sushama


Mitigation of PQ Disturbances using Unit-Template Control Algorithm based DSTATCOM
J.Bangarraju, V.Rajagopal and A.Jayalaxmi


Load Conductance Estimation Based Control Algorithm for Shunt Connected Custom Power Devices
Vishal E. Puranik and Sabha Raj Arya


Efficiency Improvement in VSI-fed SPMSM Drive
Chandan Dutta and S. M. Tripathi


A Simple Control of STATCOM for Non-linear Load Compensation
Prakash Ji Barnawal and S. M. Tripathi

APEJ Journal Volume 10, No.1


PI and Fuzzy control of three phase five level diode clamped inverter fed induction motor drive
C.R.Balamurugan, S.P.Natarajan and R.Bensraj


Design and Implementation of a Diagonal DC Source Multilevel Inverter Topology for Cascaded H-Bridge
G. Sridhar


Modeling and Simulation of Multilevel Current Source Inverter


Solar PV based Switched reluctance Motor Drive for Low Power Medium Speed Applications
Vani Vijay, P. Giridhar Kini, C. Viswanatha, S. Jothibasu and Reeba S. V.


High Resolution Phase Staggered Digital Pulse Width Modulator in FPGA
L. Srinivas, M. L. Gandhi, Mangesh B. Borage and A. C. Thakurta

APEJ Journal Volume 9, No.2


Bootstrap Gate Driver and Output Filter of An SC-based Multilevel Inverter for Aircraft APU
Yuanmao YE ,K.W.Eric CHENG and N.C. Cheung


Soft-switching Topologies for Switched Reluctance Motors in the Application of Electric Vehicles
Jingwei Zhu, K.W.E Cheng and N.C. Cheung


Ideas for Future Electric Aircraft System
S. Raghu Raman, K.W. Eric Cheng and N.C. Cheung


A New Two-degree of Freedom switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vessel
S. Y. Li, K.W.E. Cheng and N.C. Cheung

APEJ Journal Volume 9, No.1


Simulation and Experimental Results of Low Noise SMPS System using Forward Converter
P. Vijaya Kumar and S. Rama Reddy


Single-Stage Solar Photovoltaic Array Fed Water Pumping System
Sonak Singh and Bhim Singh


Electronic Commutation of DC Motor
Rajendra Bhamu


Design Optimization for Low Voltage DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductor Topology
Basavaraj V. Madiggond and H. N. Nagaraja


Design of Embedded Controller for Various Multilevel Inverter Topologies
C.R.Balamurugan, S.P.Natarajan and R.Bensraj

APEJ Journal Volume 8, No.3


Power Transfer Capability Improvement to HVDC Transmission System using Artificial Neural Network and Inference System (ANFIS) Controller
M. Ramesh and A. Jaya Laxmi


DSP Algorithm based Enhanced Phase Locked Loop Scheme for DSTATCOM
J. Bangarraju, V.Rajagopal and A. Jaya Laxmi


Boundary Control of a Buck Converter with Second-Order Switching Surface and Conventional PID Control-A Comparative Study
P. Kumar


Comparison on the Performance of Induction Motor Drive using Artificial Intelligent Controllers
P. M. Menghal and A. Jaya Laxmi


Low Voltage DC Distribution System
K. Ding, K.W.E. Cheng, D.H. Wang, Y.M. Ye, X.L.Wang, J.F. Liu and N.C. Cheung

APEJ Journal Volume 8, No.2


A Single Sensor, Single Switch Integrated PFC Buck-Boost Buck Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive
Vashist Bist, Bhim Singh


Isolated Bridgeless Cuk Converter with Improved Power Quality for Welding Power Supply
Swati Narula, G.Bhuvaneswari and Bhim Singh


A Simple Transformerless Buck-Boost Switching Voltage Regulator
H.Prasad, T.Marity and V.K.Singh


Impact of Variable Hysteresis Control in Evaluating the Performance of an Ultra-Capacitor Configured Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles
Shrikant Misal and B.P.Divalar


Hardware Enactment for Sagacious Compensation by Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer
R. .J.Satp utaley, V .B.Borghate, M.A. C haudhari and B.H.Naik

APEJ Journal Volume 8, No.1


Resultant Theory and Jenkins-Traub Algorithm Based SHEPWM using Assimilated Software Environment for a Seven Level VSI
S. Sangeetha, S. Jeevananthan


Implementation of an Intelligent Controller for Three Phase Vector Controller Induction Motor Drive
Madhusudan Singh, Mini Sreejeth, Shoeb Hussain


Control Strategies of Multilevel Inverter Based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Elimination
G.Nageswara Rao, P.Sangameswara Raju, K.Chandra sekhar


Novel Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology Based on Cascaded Connection of Basic Units
R. Shalchi Alishah, D. Nazarpour, S. H. Hosseini, M. Sabahi


Novel Scalar PWM algorithm for Four-Level Asymmetrical Dual Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
M. Harsha vardhan Reddy,T. Brahmananda Reddy,B. Ravindranath Reddy,M. Suryakalavati


Study of Temperature in Five Phase Induction Motor with Z-Source Inverter and Traditional Inverter at Low Speed
Manjesh, A.S.Ananda

APEJ Journal Volume 7, No.2


Improve the Performance of Intelligent PI Controller for Speed Control of SEDM using MATLAB
A.K.Singh, A.K.Pandey and M.Mehrotra


Conrol Strategy with Game Theoretic Approach in DC Micro-grid
Mingxuan Wu, Lei Dong, Furong Xiao and Xiaozhong Liao


Three Phase Double Boost PFC Rectifier Fed SRM Drive
M.Rajesh and B.Singh


A Novel Seven-Level Inverter System for DTC Induction Motor Drive
O.C.Sekhar and K.C.Sekhar


Transformer-less Pulse Power Supply: A Prototype Development
S.K.Rai,P.Tandon,S.Jangid and R.Varma

APEJ Journal Volume 7, No.1


Maximum Output Power Analysis of Isolated Bidirectional Dual Full Bridge DC-DC Converter with Phase-shift Control Methods
K.Wu, W.G.Dunford and C.W.de Silva


Theoretical Stability Analysis of Isolated Bidirectional Dual Full Bridge DC-DC Converter
K.Wu, C.W.de Silva and W.G.Dunford


Study of Heat at Various Parts of the Three Phase Induction Motor with Inverter Output Filter
Manjesh and B.Rajesh


Application of Artificial Intelligence Controller for Dynamic Simulation of Induction Motor Drives
P.M.Menghal and A.J.Laxmi


A Soft-Transition Control Strategy of Multilevel Inverter for Three-Phase Induction Moter Drives
M.S.Ballal and H.M.Suryawanshi


An Implementation of VFC for Stand-alone Asynchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System
S.Sharma and B.Singh

APEJ Journal Volume 6, No.2


AC Analysis of Resonant Converters Using PSpice –A Quicker Approach
M. Borage and S. Tiwari


Optimum Cost of Generation and Active Power Loss Minimization using GA and PSO Techniques in a Power System Network
A. R. Bhowmik, A. K. Chakraborty and P. N. Das


Harmonic Analysis of Cascaded H-bridge Seven Level Inverter for RL Load Applications
A. Maheswari and I. Gnanambal


Review on Power Quality Solution Technology
B. Singh, G. Bhuvaneswari and S.R. Arya


MOHF Forward Buck DC-DC Converter Based SMPS
S. Singh, B. Singh and G. Bhuvaneswari


A New Simple Single Phase AC-AC Switching Voltage Regulator Cum Power Conditioner
S. Sonar and T. Maity

APEJ Journal Volume 6, No.1


Novel Reduced Switches Single-Phase to Three-Phase On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply
Mehrnaz Sharifian and Mehdi Niroomand


A Novel Speed Controller Based on Lagrange’s Interpolation for Closed-loop Control of a CSI-fed Induction Motor Drive
S. M. Tripathi, A. K. Srivastava and A. K. Pandey


Improved Power Quality Based Electronic Ballast for a Fluorescent Lamp with Constant DC Link Voltage
Ashish Shrivastava and Bhim Singh


Design and Control of Small Power Standalone Solar PV Energy System
Neha Adhikari, Bhim Singh and A.L.Vyas


A Refined Space Vector PWM Signal Generation for Seven-Level Inverter
G.Sambasiva Rao and K.Chandra Sekhar

APEJ Journal Volume 5, No.1


Five-level NPC-VSI Capacitor Voltage Balancing Using a
Novel Clamping Bridge

R. Chibani E.M. Berkouk and M.S. Boucherit


Implementation of Three phase Shunt Hybrid Filter
Using ICOSφAlgorithm

Sindhu.S Sindhu M.R Manjula G.Nair and Ginnes.K.John


PI with Fuzzy Logic Controller based Active Power Line

Karuppanan P. and Kamala Kanta Mahapatra


Dynamic Performance Analysis of Self-commutating
PWM CSI-fed Induction Motor Drive under MATLAB

S.M. Tripathi and A.K. Pandey


Voltage Sag Restorer with Diode-Clamped Multilevel Bridge
K. Ding, K. W. E. Cheng, S. L. Ho, K. P. Wong & S. X. Wang

APEJ Journal Volume 4, No.3


Optimal Power Flow for Steady State Security Enhancement using Enhanced Genetic Algorithm with FACTS Devices
D. Devaraj and R. Narmatha Banu


Advanced Power Electronics based FACTS Controllers: An Overview
S. K. Srivastava


Performance Improvement of LFFC Schemes Base on B-Spline Networks for UPS Inverters
D. Anand and S. Jeevananthan


Modeling and Analysis of Conducted EMI Emissions of a Single-Phase PWM Inverters
T. Meenakshi and K. Rajambal


Switching Level Modeling and Operation of Unified Power Flow Controller
S. Baskar, N. Kumarappan and R. Gnanadass


Enhancement of Reactive Power Capability of DFIG using Grid Side Converter
V. Sumitha and R. Gnanadass


Mitigation of Voltage Swells Disturbances in Low Voltage Distribution System Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
Rosli Omar and N.A Rahim

APEJ Journal Volume 4, No.2


Design and Development of an Optimal Capacitor Charger
D. Louhibi, R. Beggar, F. Almabouada and A. Noukaz


Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Driven Permanent
Magnet Generator with New MPPT Algorithm

R. Bharanikumar, A.C. Yazhini and A. Nirmal Kumar


Improvemed Power Quality Using Photovoltaic Unified Static
Compensation Techniques

Narayanappa and K.Thanushkodi


Frequency Domain Analysis of Adjustable Speed Drive Systems Based on Transfer Switching Function
V. Mohan, J. Raja and S. Jeevananthan


On Closed-loop Decoupling Control Strategy for Grid-connected Double-fed Generator
CHE Yanbo, WANG Yu and WANG Chengshan


Integrated Electronic Load Controller with T-Connected
Transformer for Isolated Asynchronous Generator

Bhim Singh and V. Rajagopal

APEJ Journal Volume 4, No.1


Microcontroller Based Implementation of Multi-Level Inverter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer
N. S. Sakthivel Murugan A. Nirmal Kumar and T. Vijayakumar


Modeling and Control of DSTATCOM with BESS for Mitigation of Flicker
Vasudeo B. Virulkar and Mohan V. Aware


Single-Phase SEPIC Based PFC Converter for PMBLDCM Drive in Air-Conditioning System
Sanjeev Singh and Bhim Singh


Identification of an Effective Control Scheme for Z-source Inverter
T. Meenakshi and K. Rajambal


A Fast Space-Vector Pulse with Modulation Method for Diode-Clamped Multi-level Inverter fed Induction Motor
P. Satish Kumar J. Amarnath and S.V.L. Narasimham


Artificial Neural Network based Speed Control of Bidirectional Chopper fed Induction Motor Drive using DFRT Theory
V. Jamuna and Reddy S. Rama

APEJ Journal Volume 3, No.1


Experimental Investigation of Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive Using Extended Kalman-Filter
Khan M. Rizwan and Iqbal Atif


A daptive Neuro-Fuzzy Speed Controller for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive
Kumar Rajesh, Gupta R. A. and Surjuse Rajesh S.


High Voltage Multilevel DC-DC Converter in Auto Balancing Mode
Virulkar Vasudeo B., Mohod Sharad W. and Aware Mohan V.


Performance Investigation of Modified Self- Commutated CSI-fed Induction Motor Drive
Agarwal Pramod, Pandey A.K. and Verma V.K.


Reliability Estimation for Power Factor Correction Circuits
Praveen Kumar A, Gulam Amer and Srinivasa Rao.S


Control Technologies in Distributed Generation System Based on Renewable Energy
WU Jie, Chen Sizhe, Zeng Jun and Gao Lamei

APEJ Journal Volume 2, No.1


Comparison of Neural Network and Fast Fourier Transform Based Selective Harmonic Extraction and Total Harmonic Reduction for Power Electronic Converters
E.Chandra Sekaran and P.Anbalagan


A Mathematical Model for IGBT
Vineeta Agarwal


Parameter Identification Scheme for Induction Motors Using Output Inter-Sampling Approach
Masaru Hasegawa, Daisuke Ogawa and Keiju Matsui


Zigzag Autotransformer Based Full-Wave AC-DC Converters
Bhim Singh and Sanjay Gairola


Application of Linear Switched Reluctance Motors to Precision Position Control
Wai-Chuen Gan, G. P. Widdowson, Michael S. W. Tam and Norbert C. Cheung


Voltage and Frequency Controller for a Small Scale Wind Power Generation
Bhim Singh and Gaurav Kumar Kasal


Speeds Estimation of Series-Connected Five-Phase Two-Motor Drive System Using Adaptive Flux Observers
M.Rizwan Khan and Atif Iqbal


IGBT Based Cyclo-Inverter
Vineeta Agarwal and Peeyush Agarwal


AC-DC-AC Converter with Reduced Switches as Matrix Converter
Sanjeevikumar P. and Rajambal K.


An Unusual Full Bridge Converter to Realize ZVS in Large Load Scope
Kuiyuan Wu and William G.Dunford

APEJ Journal Volume 2, No.2


Overview of the DC Power Conversion and Distribution
Cheng K. W. Eric


An Efficient Switching Algorithm for the Implementation of Synchronous Space Vector Modulation for an Induction Motor Drive with (V/f) Control
Mallikarjuna Rao K.A.S., Sunita Nadampalli and Somasekhar V.T.


Investigation of DC-DC Converter Topologies for Future Microprocessor
Rajambal K., Sanjeevikumar P. and Balaji G.


Comparative Study of PWM Inverters Fed 3-Phase Induction Motor
Manjunatha.Y.R. and Sanavullah M.Y.


Intelligent Control of Parallel Loaded Resonant Converter fed PMDC Motor
Sivakumaran T.S. and Natarajan S.P.


Characterisation of Remote Loading Systems using a Nonlinear Analytical and Numerical Method
Murad N. M. and Celeste A.

APEJ Journal Volume 2, No.3


ANN Based Control and Estimation of Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
Kumar Rajesh, Gupta R.A., Bhangale S.V. and Gothwal Himanshu


Performance Evaluation of Three Single Phase Voltage Source Inverter Based Configuration of DSTATCOM
Adya Alka, Singh Bhim and Mittal A.P.


Measurement of Heat in the Stator Windings of an Open Loop Controlled Three Phase Induction Motor Using AC Filters
Manjesha Y.R. and Jyothi Balakrishnan


Particle Swarm Optimization Based Power System Stabilizer to Reduce Generator Rotor Oscillations
Jeevanandham A. and Thanushkodi K.


Three-Phase Four-Wire DSTATCOM with Reduced Switches for Power Quality Improvement
Singh Bhim, Jayaprakash P. and Kothari D.P.


H-Bridge VSC Based Voltage Controller for an Isolated Asynchronous Generator Supplying Three-Phase Four-Wire Loads
Gaurav Kumar Kasal and Singh Bhim


Harmonics Elimination in Multilevel Inverter with Two Unequal Voltage Batteries
Manjunatha Y.R. and Sanavullah M.Y.


Implementation of Novel Low Cost Multilevel DC-Link Inverter with Harmonic Profile Improvement
Kavitha R., Dhanalakshmi P. and Thottungal Rani


A Hybrid Seven- Level Inverter for Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System
Seyezhai R. and Mathur.B.L.

APEJ Journal Volume 1, No.1


Design Challenges for Distributed Power systems
Fred C. Lee, Ming Xu, Shuo Wang and Bing Lu


Modelling and Teaching of Magnetic Circuits
Yim-Shu Lee and Martin H.L. Chow

  Hybrid and Electric Automotive Systems: Combined Electrical, Mechanical, and fuel Cell Opportunities for Personal Transportation
Philip T. Krein
  Novel ZVS Three-Phase PFC Converters and Zero-Voltage-Switching Space Vector Modulation (ZVS-SVM) Control
Dehong Xu and Bo Feng
  Application of Active Disturbance Rejection Controller in PWM Voltage Source Rectifier
Xiao-zhong Liao, Li-wei Shao and Yan-lei Xiao
  Control on Green Energy Source and Ecologic Environment
Jie Wu, Si-zhe Chen and Jun-hua Yang
  Dynamic Phasor Modelling of TCR based FACTS Devices for High Speed Power System Fast Transients Simulation
Zhijun E, K. W. Chan and D. Z. Fang

A Six-level SPWM Inverter for an Open-end Winding Induction Motor
K.Chandra Sekhar and G.Tulasi Ram Das

  Modeling and Simulation of Self-Tuning PI Control for Electrical Machines
Ziqian Liu
  Enhanced Direct Torque Control Using a Three-Level Voltage Source Inverter
R. Zaimeddine and E.M. Berkouk
  Unity-Power-Factor Operation of Two-Stage Electronic Ballast
V. B. Borghate and H. M. Suryawanshi
  Power Quality Improvement In Photovoltaic Systems
J.DeviShree and P.Anbalagan
  Operation of Three-Phase Resonant Converter in Single-Phase AC-to-DC applications
H. M. Suryawanshi, S. S. Tanavade, K. L. Thakre and M. A. Chaudhari
  Reduced PWM Harmonic Distortion for a New Topology of Multilevel Inverters
Tamer H. Abdelhamid
  Switching Algorithms for the Dual Inverter fed Open-end Winding Induction Motor Drive for 3-level Voltage Space Phasor Generation
S.Srinivas and V.T.Somasekhar
  Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for a Non Linear Power Electronic Buck & Boost Converters
S. Joseph Jawhar, N.S. Marimuthu, S.K Pillai and N. Albert Singh



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